Full Range of Products for your Online Financial business

Back Office Tools

Forex CRM

We have developed a Forex CRM that is designed specifically for the needs of management, sales, retention and back office teams. The CRM captures leads via our Lead API from landing pages or you can import them via the CRM. Sales teams can then work on the leads in order to convert them to be accounts. Once accounts are created your retention team can view all the MT4 trading related information including balance, equity, closed and open positions and also view documents uploaded from the website and also recording all deposits and withdrawal requests.

Web Systems

Forex Traders' Room

For financial institutions who want to give their clients secure self management, we have developed a Traders' Room that is advanced and secure. It gives clients all they need; from viewing and editing their personal details, to accessing their financial and trading activity details. The Trader's Room has been carefully designed to make it user friendly and can be customized to allow up selling of products and services to clients.

Payment Solutions

Once a client has logged into their secure and personalized Traders' Room, we can provide them with a range of payment options that can be redundant and ordered by priority. All deposit information is securely captured and successful deposits are available in seconds for clients to trade.

Content Management

Nothing is more important to us than making sure that our clients have the ability to manage their own websites. All our sites use highly acclaimed Content Management Systems that are well supported and easy to use. We provide training, support and guidance, so that our clients can confidently manage the content on their sites.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate Management

A proven sales channel to acquiring clients is by using affiliates. We have integrated our websites with the best in the market Affiliate Management software that allows our clients to both acquire affiliates and provide them with a set of tools to manage the leads that the affiliates generate and also the commissions that they are to be paid.

Conversion Management

In order to optimize our clients' conversions, we have developed a Conversion Management platform that verifies client information and prioritizes the leads, based on the validity of the information that they have provided. This platform is fully integrated into our Lead Generation platform and can also be integrated into other third party systems.

Lead Generation

We have developed a platform for the management of landing pages that is integrated with our Conversion Management platform. This platform allows our clients to create landing pages where the leads are passed to your preferred Customer Relationship Management platform.